The fine people of Havas Lemz asked me to produce simple and clear illustrations for UNICEF Basics
UNICEF started a campagne where people can buy a meaningful gift to provide children in Syria with basic needs.
You can donate yourself but you can also donate for other people. If you are looking for a gift for a person that has it all, maybe consider buying a UNICEF Basics gift on their behalf. Their gift will benefit a child that has nothing. 
Prices range from 5 Euro to 200 Euro, depending on what type of gift you'd like to buy:
A Warm Blanket (200cm x 150cm, made of special thermal fleece): €5,-     
- Medicine (Healthcare for 16 - 20 of the most vulnerable children): €10,-  
- Clean Drinking Water (20.000 liter of clean water): €20,-  
- Winter's Clothing  (complete set of clothing for 1 child): €50,-  
- Heating / A Heater (enough to heat 1 classroom during winter): €100,-
Hygiëne Kit (for 16 families. Contains soap, shampoo, etc.): €200,-
Agency: Havas Lemz
Art-director: Albert Vegers
Creative Producer: Bieneke Glijn
Packaging Designer: Eric Smilde / Artbox Studio

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