I was asked to make a contribution to 125 frames.

125Frames is an animation initiative that can be seen as an animation virus or chain reaction.
The last frame of each animation is picked up by two animators and extended. Both their animations will be picked up by two animators and extended,
and so forth.
The animation will grow and grow. An explosion of diversity and creativity.
The starting image that i received instantly reminded me of a video by Carl Sagan, ‘Pale Blue Dot’ (see youtube, great vid). I decided to zoom in on a blue dot in this star cluster. I wanted to show alien life on this planet but my son walked in and demanded dinosaurs…. Just for this special occasion, mankind and dinosaurs live together in peace and harmony (although i fear that vulcano in the background is up to no good).
Here it is (watch carefully, it's only 5 seconds :P):
Here you can see the starting image and a couple of screens from the animation:

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